Entrapment: The Physical Evolution of Young Women

“When I was in high school, the girls looked like boys.” Although this adage of my father’s is surely an over-exaggeration, it holds validity concerning the Pandora’s Box that is the physical evolution of young women today.

In the last decade, rapper R. Kelly was the focus of a media frenzy based on his alleged statutory rape of a 13 or 14 year old girl in 1998. A video surfaced of

Miley Cyrus

Kelly’s accused activity with the young girl, and forever tarnished his image even though the he was acquitted in 2008. A huge trend started in the hip hop culture, exhibiting a more careful attitude when it came to sex where lyrics included jests about checking identification and paying attention to statutory law. Lil’ Wayne and Drake’s song Every Girl, including the lyrics, “In a few years, holla at me Miley Cyrus,” show the trend in paying closer attention to the age of the women they sleep with.

And interesting point is that these rappers don’t actually care about the psychological ramifications of sleeping with an underage girl, but rather the repercussions of partaking.

Kelly was acquired of the charges for statutory rape because he and the girl in question (23 at the age of trial) swore they were not the one’s that starred in the video. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that it is true, since the majority of us believe it, that he slept with the girl. Sure he was thinking with the head of his penis rather than the head necessary, but what if he’s not completely to blame in this act of poor judgement?

R Kelly

In the past 20 years, girls have been growing into woman at an alarming rate. Most woman start their menstrual cycle between the ages of 10 and 16. Although I don’t know the exact numbers of those that start toward the lower end of that spectrum, I know that the women of my family hit puberty at the end of elementary school. A huge amount of children in junior high are becoming sexually active long before emotionally ready to experience such a high.  Shows like 16 and pregnant have responsible women shaking their heads or pulling out their hair at the stupidity and the implications for our future.

The crux of my writing today is to question if the men of our society are in trouble. As girls begin to look like women well before the statutory guidelines, and as the world becomes increasingly promiscuous, how are men to know whether their one night stand will become weeks of deliberation on whether that man is a pedophile. Check IDs?


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